About Our Board
We meet once every other month in a relaxed atmosphere, with or without the kids. 

We try to keep our meetings to an hour, cover what is necessary and assign tasks as needed. 

Our meetings are open to the group and everyone is encouraged to come!
We have a variety of board positions within our group. The Board Positions are; President, Vice President & Membership Manager, Secretary, & Treasurer. 

As well as committees; Helping Hands, New Member Manager, Service Project Coordinator, & more. 


Vice President & Membership

Janeen LeWan

Anne Edmonds Purl

I am originally from Idaho but moved back about 9 years ago after exploring a bit of the country including Florida and Louisiana. I met my husband in 2009 and we married in 2013.

My husband is originally from Chicago but we are both set on Boise being our long term residence to raise our two boys. We love the outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, etc. We also love adding to our backyard. It will someday be our oasis.

I joined this group a little over 2 years ago. It has been great for meeting up, letting the kids play and having a lot of laughs! The support of having other mom's around who get it has been amazing for me and the journey of raising my boys.

I am a stay at home mom of 2 young boys. Previously, I worked for 10 years as a Licensed​ Clinical Social Worker. I love the moms group as it has allowed connect with an amazing community of women.

It also provides lots of opportunities to socialize and get out of the house with the kids.

Also, I treasure the opportunities to get out on my own for book club and Mom's nights out. My husband and I grew up together in New Orleans. We were excited to move to Boise and love everything it has to offer including what a wonderful place it is to raise kids.



Kendra Damnjanovic

I rein supreme from the Icelands of Alaska, as the proper ice queen I am. Self-proclaimed oddball of the group,

You can usually find me on the greenbelt on 15 mile leisurely rides, making my 5 year old ride his own bike the whole way, with my 2 year old in tow. If it’s Autumn, look for me at every Halloween and harvest festival in town.

My husband was born and raised in Serbia, my cat barely has hair and poops in the toilet, and I recently decided for the first time, that chickens would be a great addition to the backyard- 10 to be exact.
I am also interning at Earthly Delights, a local urban CSA farm near Cynthia Mann Elementary, and hope to continue work in the field of local food activism.

I also seem to be the only person in the group who is musically inclined, and I spend nights alone gently weeping on my guitar, as there is no one else to join me for an impromptu jam session.

Elizabeth Dyrsmid

I was born and raised in middle of nowhere in Northern Alberta and took advantage of my dual citizenship to move to the states just after college, I've been here ever since: San Fran, Chicago, San Diego.

I met my husband Trent in San Diego in 2012 and by 2013 we had married, got pregnant & moved to Boise (in that order and in the space of two months!).

Having lived in very small and very large towns, I like Boise in that it's just small enough ... and just big enough. We take advantage of all sorts of outdoorsy things and love mountain biking & camping in the summer.

I also love yoga, climbing, cooking & being a mommy to a 3 year old girl. 

My husband and I have our own business, and have set it up very deliberately so that we can spend a lot of time as a family.
I don't get to attend as many of the moms group events as I like, but I try to make as many of the afternoon, evening, and weekend events as I can!

Committee Positions

New Member Outreach - 

Head of Helping Hands - 

Service Project Coordinator - 


Position Descriptions


Vice President & Membership


To oversee the smooth running of the entire group. That each board member is doing their job as assigned and that all members feel welcomed and have access to the necessary information. As well as, to ensure that all group policies are being adhered to and provide a well put together monthly newsletter.

To assist president in anyway necessary in accomplishing the goals listed above. To accept, process, and update all new membership applications and review old members and manage any removal from the roster/facebook group as necessary.

To oversee and manage the monthly calendar, including reminding the group to post upcoming events in a timely fashion, picking a specific event to be our featured event, and providing an up-to-date monthly calendar for the newsletter.


Public Facebook Page Manager

New Member Outreach

To manage all aspects of membership dues, including the tracking of who has or has not paid and to manage the total available funds for the service project. Assist in managing the service project by providing the current amount of funds available and organizing with whomever will head up the yearly service project.

Managing the requests to join our public facebook page, including making sure they are real people and letting them know about our actual group. For each new accepted member of the facebook page, a message or post welcoming them, providing them the current calendar and explanation of our private group.

Making sure new members feel included and offering help in getting them started hosting events. Including reaching out to them if they have not attended any events, offering to co-host an event if they are unsure of hosting one of their own, giving them ideas or resources for ideas as to what kind of event they could host. Just an overall awareness of possible needs for new members.

Head of Helping Hands

Helping Hands Assistant

Service Project Coordinator

This includes setting up meal trains post pregnancy, offering help during hard times, or just busy times like someone opening a new business, or a spouse traveling, buying a new home or moving, etc. Requires a constant awareness as to what is going on with all of the group members and possibly even discreetly offering assistance when it is not asked for. Knowing when to simply give assistance, rather than waiting for approval as it is very easy for moms just to insist they do not need help.

To assist in anyway necessary to the head of helping hands and also bring their own personality, awareness, and attention to the group members.

Working with board members and other Service Project Committee members to determine a suitable annual service project. Service projects must benefit moms in the greater Boise area and generally include a participatory group event. Coordinates with the treasurer for service project budget. Plans the project and schedules the group event on the monthly calendar. The service project is to be completed in the BMG fiscal year (April - March).