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1. How many events do I have to attend and/or host?

As a member, you are welcome to attend as many or as few events as you like.
You are not required to host events, however, this group is run by its members, therefore we hope that you would host an...
Yes, children are always welcome at all events, except our Moms Night Out events. All children are welcome, regardless of age. We only request that you keep sick children at home.

2. Can I bring my children to the events?

Absolutely! We have lots of activities that will interest you even if your children are away for the day. Moms with children of any age are welcome to join, or stay as a member even after children start school full time.

3. My kids are in school some days, can I still come?

Dues for our moms group are $10 per year. Due initially when joining, and then paid in April of every year following.

4. Are there any other fees?

You do not need to spend any money besides your annual dues unless you choose to. Members Meetings, play groups, park days, and most activity groups are all free.

5. Where do our dues go?

We mainly use our dues for service projects and business supplies to recruit new members.
Can I try things out before I join?
Yes. Potential members are welcome to attend two events before joining.

6. How do I host an event?

Once you are a member, hosting is easy. Just post your activity on the private, members-only Facebook page and our secretary will add it to the monthly calendar.  It can be as simple as a park play date, or hosting our monthly Moms Night Out.